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Specialized Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog bites are one of the leading causes of personal injuries. If you are a victim of dog bites in Anaheim, finding a specialized dog bite lawyer is crucial to getting fair compensation for your damage.

You will need specialized negotiation skills to ensure your dog bite lawyer in Anaheim will stick with your case from start to finish. Let our dog bite lawyer in Anaheim cover all expenses and injuries to prevent unscrupulous insurance companies from lowballing you when offering a settlement.

You must have a specialized dog bite attorney in Anaheim who has the legal knowledge to handle your case. Our dog bite attorney in Anaheim knows all the local regulations and ordinances related to dog bites, safety rules, and pet ownership.

As a specialized Anaheim dog bite attorney, we have access to everything you need to ensure that you have a strong case. Best of all, we have the experience to handle dog bite cases in Anaheim. When you hire us, you are not just hiring an attorney but a legal team to do the hard work for you.

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Best Legal Services

You can get the best compensation for a dog bite injury by hiring the best dog bite attorney in Anaheim.

Focused on You

All our work is about you. We are your best choice because we prioritize winning your case and getting maximum compensation.

Cost Effective Solutions

We are the perfect dog bite lawyer in Anaheim because you don’t have to worry about high upfront costs.

What We Offer: The Justice On Demand System

Our justice-on-demand system is perfect for victims of dog bite injuries in Anaheim. With JSM Injury Firm, you can hire the services of the best Anaheim dog bite lawyer at zero initial cost and other benefits:

A dog bite attorney in Anaheim will provide personalized legal services precisely fit for your dog bite case. We will fight aggressively to ensure you get the best compensation for your dog bite injury.

Dog bites may be life-threatening if neglected. By hiring us, we ensure you acquire the proper medical care to ensure your dog bites will not lead to serious health consequences.

Many of us are unprepared to deal with dog bites. With no upfront costs, we ensure that you will get the best legal assistance, deal with the more difficult tasks involved in your case, and proceed to live your life worry-free.

If the situation requires your dog bite case to go to court, don’t worry. We will ensure that you have the best Anaheim dog bite attorney with litigation experience and experience in winning dog bite cases.

Our Wide Experience in Dog Bite Cases Gives You an Advantage.

If You Receive a Dog Bite Injury

With 4.5 million dog bites occurring nationwide yearly, dogs can be dangerous despite being man’s best friend. Laws give you the rights if a canine harms you in California. However, dog owners and insurance companies may fight it out. Fortunately, our dog bite lawyer in Anaheim has all the experience, expertise, and resources to support you if you receive dog bite injuries. Moreover, we can help you claim and collect insurance and ensure you get the proper compensation for associated injuries.

Determine Liability

Your Anaheim dog bite lawyer will determine the extent of responsibility of the dog owner. Our job is to determine if the owner of the dog that caused your injury was negligent and if something is owed to you.

Assist You In The Process

Your Anaheim dog bite attorney will ensure that you are never alone in your case. We are here to guide you through the process and ensure that everything is done legally. Moreover, we will help you hurdle challenges along the way.

Handle All Communications

We can handle your communications with the insurance companies and with all parties involved in your dog bite case. We can also manage your communications with healthcare professionals to ensure the proper amount is required.

Protect Your Rights

With the best dog bite lawyer in Anaheim behind you, you can rest assured that your rights are protected under California dog bite laws and other applicable laws. We will handle all the hard work, so you don’t have to worry much about your case.

Help You Get Compensation

We can help you get compensated for your dog bite injuries and other expenses related to your case if the dog owner is negligent. We can investigate what needs to happen and take appropriate actions to ensure you get paid for your injuries.

Offer legal Support

With the best dog bite attorney in Anaheim, we ensure that you have a lawyer who is personally engaged in your case. We want to provide you with top-notch representation in your case, especially litigation support, should your case go to court.

Who is Liable For a Dog Bite Case in Anaheim?

Several losses can occur if a dog attacks and injures someone in California. You may need medical attention long after a dog attacks you. Moreover, dog injuries may cause you to miss work and lose income for a time. Aside from these, you may also suffer from associated mental and emotional damage. Who will be responsible to ensure that you get compensated?

The Owner

The State of California invokes strict liability for dog bites. The law states that the dog owner is liable for damages regardless if they acted negligently. However, there are cases when they may not be liable, especially if you trespassed on a property, provoked the animal, or are not involved in law enforcement or military work.

Landlord Responsibility

A landlord may be liable if they don’t act with reasonable care and remove the threat of an animal that may attack you. The landlord may be an owner of a residential or a commercial property, especially if they know that a dog on their property has a history of viciousness.

Homeowner’s Insurance

There are instances when the homeowner’s insurance of the dog owner will compensate a dog bite victim for their medical bills. However, there might be insufficient funds to cover medical expenses. Moreover, an insurance policy may not cover compensation for intangible damages.

The Steps We Take Following a Dog Bite Injury in Anaheim

Acting quickly is critical in ensuring you have a strong case for your dog bite injury in Anaheim. By hiring the best dog bite attorney in Anaheim, we will provide the best odds of getting compensation for your dog bite injury. Here are the steps we take:

Seek Medical Attention

Dog injuries may be life-threatening if left untreated. Dogs can transmit diseases such as rabies and tetanus. Whether or not the bite looks serious, have it checked by a doctor immediately.

Report the Dog Bite

Report the dog bite to the authorities after getting medical attention, especially if the dog is not yours. You may need to supply relevant information to animal control to ensure you won’t suffer from serious diseases, such as rabies.

Contact the Owner

Contact the owner if the dog isn’t yours. They may be liable if the dog is not vaccinated for rabies, among other diseases. You may need all the relevant owner information should you file a dog injury claim.

Document the Dog Bite

It is helpful to document the dog bite as much as possible. Take photos of the wound and acquire the contact information of any witnesses. Though many dog bite cases are settled out of court, having an attorney to provide you with the best outcome is helpful.

How We Support Your Dog Bite Injury Case in Anaheim

Hiring a specialized dog bite lawyer in Anaheim is crucial to get the best possible compensation for your dog bite case. We will help you ensure you get all the help you need by doing the difficult work for you in your dog bite injury case.

Gather Evidence at the Scene

The owner or the landlord may be liable for your dog bite. They will build the strongest case possible to prepare for any eventualities, such as injury claims or if your dog bite case goes to court.

Get Medical Assistance/Medical Records

Their experience in dog bite injury cases also ensures that you get proper medical attention. Moreover, they can help you get the proper accounting of the cost associated with your dog bite case.

Get a Copy of Relevant Reports

They will prepare all the crucial information that will help your cases, such as animal control records, kennel records, police reports, and others.

Document Your Injuries Daily

Even with proper medical attention, there are other ways a dog injury can harm you, such as intangible damages, such as mental and psychological damage. They will ensure tracking of these injuries to prepare your claims.

Anaheim Dog Bite Lawyer Frequently Asked Questions

Dog bite injuries may cause harm beyond the immediate physical damage caused by the animal. As a seasoned Anaheim dog bite lawyer, we normally encounter questions regarding liability and compensation. Here are several questions we gathered from clients when we handled dog bite cases in Anaheim:

Yes. In California, owners are responsible for any unprovoked bites from a dog when on public property or even when a dog is lawfully on private property.

You may be able to recover compensation from the owner of the dog that bit you. The extent of your claim may cover medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering, as well as intangible damages, such as emotional distress.

California doesn’t have a one-bite law. In a one-bite law, dog owners are held responsible only if the animal was reasonably established as dangerous or if the owner was proven negligent. On the other hand, California has strict liability laws which hold owners accountable for all bites on their private property as long as they do not trespass or if you are on public property.

Yes. Dog owners may also be held responsible for any injuries the dog causes, such as the one cited. However, the strict liability rules do not apply in your case. You may need to establish the dog owner’s negligence which caused the accident.

For an injury to qualify as dog bite-related in California, the fog has to use its teeth to grab a person or when the dog’s jaw closes around a part of a person’s body or clothing. This means that a “dog bite” does not mean the dog breaks a person’s skin. For instance, if a dog causes an accident while biting your clothing, it will qualify as a “dog bite” in California, where strict liability rules apply.