Bicycle Accident Lawyer Anaheim

Anaheim Bicycle Accidents Lawyer

A bike crash lawyer will help you with potential claims for injuries and other losses after a bicycle accident. If your accident resulted from the negligence of another party, you might be able to recover compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and more. 

Recovering the compensation you deserve after a bicycle accident in Southern California will typically involve filing an insurance claim or lawsuit. Because an insurer will likely attempt to deny your claim or convince you to settle for less than it may be worth, you can optimize your chances of recovering the compensation you may be owed by enlisting the help of an attorney with experience handling bicycle accident cases in Southern California.

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Why We Are The Best Bicycle Accident Lawyer Anaheim Can Provide

Hiring Our Specialized Anaheim Bicycle Accidents Lawyer is Crucial to Winning Your Case

Not every injury requires the injured party to hire an attorney. Still, it’s essential to recognize that some injuries can have long-lasting effects and might be worth seeking compensation for. If you’ve been injured at all, you should at least schedule a free consultation with a bicycle accident attorney in Anaheim. 

We can review bicycle accidents and determine whether you’re eligible for damages and how much your case may be worth. They can also handle all correspondence with the insurance company and/or the negligent party’s attorneys, limiting the odds that you will settle for an unreasonably low sum.

Strategy and Planning

Once you call us, you can access top-notch legal support experienced in dealing with Anaheim bicycle accident cases. You can leave the difficulty to us so that you can have peace of mind during the process.


We have extensive experience litigating personal injury cases, especially Anaheim bicycle accident cases. Our Anaheim bicycle accidents lawyer is an expert in applicable laws to ensure you will get the compensation you deserve.

Award Winning Team

Our injury lawyers in Anaheim are hailed as one of the best young litigators in the state. With their credentials behind you, you can get the best odds of getting full compensation for your bicycle accident injury.

The Justice On Demand System

Zero Upfront Cost: You are already facing significant financial burdens in the form of unexpected medical bills and other such losses in the aftermath of a Southern California bicycle accident. You should not take on additional responsibility when hiring an attorney. This is why we enter into contingency fee agreements with our clients. If you hire us to represent you, we will only charge legal fees if we succeed in recovering compensation for you first.

Get Elite-Level Legal Representation Instantly: Most of us are unprepared when an accident strikes. Legal battles to get fair compensation may be furthest from your mind before an accident. Fortunately, JSM Injury Firm APC can provide elite-level legal representation for your bicycle accident case when you call us.

What are the Common Causes of Bicycle Crashes?

Bike crash accidents often lead to serious legal disputes. Some bicycle accidents result from a bike rider’s negligence or actions. However, a guilty party may be involved, which causes an accident. Your Anaheim bicycle accident lawyer will help you with any further action.

This can occur due to such factors as:

Violating the Law

Bicycle riders may be injured if they fail to obey the relevant laws.

Lack of Experience

Lack of experience can cause a bicycle rider to sustain injuries.

Lack of Awareness

A bicycle rider's lack of awareness of other road users, such as motorists and pedestrians, can result in an accident.

Oblivious of Risk

Bicycle rider's failure to appreciate the risks associated with a given situation.

Negligent Motorists

Drunk driving, distracted driving, or overall negligence may cause bicycle crashes.

Road Hazards

Poorly-maintained signages, potholes, and other perturbations may cause bicycle crashes.

Who is Liable for a Bicycle Accident?

The fact that some bicycle accidents occur because riders themselves are negligent doesn’t mean others can cause bicycle accidents. It’s not uncommon for bicycle accidents to happen because another motorist or such party was careless.

Motorists can cause bicycle accidents if they are:

Speeding, Not obeying traffic signals, Not yielding the right of way, Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, Driving aggressively, Distracted

Bicycle Manufacturer

The bicycle manufacturer or designer may be held liable for a bicycle crash if they overlooked a defect.

Another Cyclist or a Pedestrian

Another cyclist or a pedestrian may contribute to a bicycle crash, especially if they are negligent in their movements.

The Government

The government may be liable if the road is poorly maintained or a dangerous section of the path doesn't have sufficient safety signs.

Steps to Take Following a Bicycle Accident in or Around Anaheim

Injuries from a bicycle accident can have lasting consequences, and victims of these accidents may be eligible for compensation. Though avoiding a bicycle accident is the best way to protect yourself and your family, it is helpful if you know which steps to take if you are involved in a bicycle crash:

Seek Medical Attention

Even minor injuries may be telltale signs of something severe. Seek medical attention immediately and always follow the doctor's advice, no matter how minor your injury appears.

Gather Evidence at the Accident Scene

Gather evidence and relevant documentation you may have, such as pictures, medical records, and contact information for witnesses of your accident.

Report Your Accident to the Authorities if Possible

If an automobile or another person, for that matter, may have caused your bicycle crash, call local authorities to ensure that a preliminary investigation is done.

Contact Your Anaheim Bicycle Accidents Lawyer

After seeing a doctor, consult with a bike accident attorney to discuss your case. They will also help you study your case to check if you are entitled to compensation.

How we Support Your Bicycle Accident Accident Case

Suppose you suffered a brain injury, back injury, neck injury, or other serious bodily harm due to a bicycle accident that was not your fault. In that case, it may be time to consider hiring a bicycle accident attorney to protect your rights. Lawsuits over injuries from bicycle accidents are common and can become more complicated if many parties are involved.

Gathering evidence proving negligence caused an accident

Your Anaheim bicycle accidents lawyer will help investigate your accident to identify negligent parties.

Coordinating with Witnesses

It is crucial to gather witnesses to ensure that someone will support you should your case go to court.

Determining how much compensation you may be eligible

Your Anaheim bicycle accidents lawyer knows the full extent of the law and can ensure the extent of your eligibility.

Negotiating with the insurance company for a fair settlement on your behalf.

With the best bicycle accident lawyer Anaheim has available behind you, your insurance company may need help when they lowball their settlement offer.

Anaheim Bicycle Accident Lawyer FAQs

After years of experience in dealing with bicycle accident cases, we have gathered several questions from our clients about bicycle accidents and how they can get fair compensation. Here are five of the top questions:

Negligence often causes bicycle accidents. You can likely file a claim with the defendant’s auto insurance company. Bicycle accident attorneys can make this process easier by filing the claim on behalf of bike riders. Also, bicycle crash attorneys can speak to the insurance company so you do not say anything to jeopardize your case. Bicycle crash attorneys have a thorough understanding of the law and can provide you with the sound guidance you need regarding insurance claims.

Negotiating with insurance companies on your own may not yield enough financial compensation. However, if you establish the circumstances of the accident and know the law, you can get the best odds of being fairly compensated. During a personal injury lawsuit, you must prove that the defendant’s negligence caused an injury and show the extent of that injury and how it has affected their daily lives. A bicycle accident lawyer can help with this process so that you receive proper compensation for your injuries.

Here are several laws that relate to cycling:

  • Use dedicated bicycle lanes if you move slower than the traffic.
  • Cyclists should always travel on the right side of the traffic.
  • Cyclists are not allowed to use expressways and freeways.
  • Cyclists should always yield to pedestrians the right of way.
  • Parking on a bicycle path is strictly prohibited.
  • Cyclists are not allowed to ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Yes. In the case of personal injury or property damage, you must file a lawsuit within two years of the accident. In the case of wrongful death, your family members or friends may file a lawsuit up to two years after the cyclist’s death. Though you may file a resolution if you miss the legal deadline for filing a claim, the insurance company may counter this resolution.

Getting bicycle insurance is not a legal requirement in California. However, if you ride your bicycle frequently, getting one may be a good idea, especially with bicycle accident rates in California being higher than the national average.