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Orange County Sidewalk Accident Lawyer

An Orange County Sidewalk Accident Attorney Can Protect Your Rights.

If you’re reading this, you’re likely dealing with the aftermath of a sidewalk accident. Sidewalk accidents happen when people slip or trip and fall on debris, wet spots, or other hazardous conditions on the sidewalk. When you’ve been injured in a sidewalk accident – in a slip and fall, for example – you might not know what to do next. Unfortunately, many people in this situation feel overwhelmed when faced with medical expenses, missed work due to their injuries, and other related costs.

A sidewalk accident is a form of personal injury case. That’s why you need an experienced personal injury accident lawyer at your side. A Orange County sidewalk accident lawyer with our firm will help you find the best solution to your situation, so that you can get back on track after an accident. If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury due to a sidewalk accident, contact JSM Injury Firm APC by calling 949-404-4826 or clicking here to schedule a free consultation with a sidewalk accident lawyer.

There is absolutely no risk to contact us because we work on a contingency fee basis. This means you won’t have to pay a fee until we win your case. We never charge a fee for a consultation, and you have no obligation to hire us after that initial conversation.

Why Should You Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Your sidewalk accident attorney in Orange County can help you in many ways in your legal case. First, they can offer you advice about which parties are responsible for your injuries. They can analyze the details of your case and help you identify who should compensate you for your injuries. Sidewalk Accident Lawyer Near Me

If negligence played a part in your injury (and this is likely if you slipped on ice or other hazardous substance), then a sidewalk accident attorney can help you identify the party at fault, which could be the property owner, subcontractor, city/county – anyone who had a part in putting you in danger. When this party is identified, your attorney will help you recover compensation for all related costs.

An experienced Orange County sidewalk accident lawyer can also represent you during the court process if the responsible party doesn’t accept responsibility for your injuries or isn’t willing to pay what you deserve for your injuries, bills and time off work. A trial may be necessary to prove that the party at fault is responsible. However, you shouldn’t have to worry about doing this on your own – your attorney will be by your side every step of the way.

Lastly, a sidewalk accident lawyer in Orange County can help you recover compensation for any future expenses related to your injuries. This includes future surgeries and hospital stays if necessary. You can also ask your attorney if it’s possible to recover for future lost wages due to time off work in the months ahead.

You may wonder what to do if you’ve been injured in a sidewalk accident. Well, the first thing is to contact an experienced sidewalk accident attorney as soon as possible after the injury takes place.

How Do Sidewalk Accidents Happen?

There are three types of sidewalk accidents: slip and fall accidents, trip and falls, and defective sidewalks.

Slip and Fall Case

A slip and fall accident occurs when someone slips on a wet or hazardous substance on the sidewalk – usually ice, oil, or another type of spill. The property owner has to keep the property safe and without slippery floors. This is by far the most common type of sidewalk accident.

Trip and Fall Case

A trip and fall accident is similar, except that you are tripped up or otherwise fall without slipping. This could be caused by uneven or broken sidewalks or poorly maintained steps. Our sidewalk accident law firm would investigate the state of the sidewalk to identify potential liability for both parties.

Sidewalk defects

Lastly, there are defective sidewalk accidents – this occurs when the sidewalk is in entirely defective condition. This could be caused by cracks, uneven sidewalks, poor leveling – the list goes on. Defective sidewalk accidents can happen in cities or structures that have not been properly cared for over the years.

A premises liability claim can hold the negligent property owner responsible for injuries caused in a sidewalk accident. However, these types of cases are usually contested, so you need the help of an experienced personal injury attorney. Our law firm has the expertise you need to win your case.

What Types Of Injuries Do Sidewalk Accidents Cause?

Sidewalk accidents can cause various injuries, from sprains and bruises to broken bones, head trauma, or even death. In the worst-case scenario, a slip and fall could lead to traumatic brain injuries or bone fractures. These types of injuries often require extensive medical treatment for full recovery – if there is any chance of recovery at all.

Additionally, sidewalk accidents can cause emotional trauma. Many people simply cannot handle the stress of a lawsuit. Some people may not even realize they have a legal claim until it is too late. Others are simply scared to speak up after being injured – perhaps fearing to lose their job or being harassed by strangers. When someone is injured in a sidewalk accident, they may not be able to take time off for medical appointments or days missed from work. This often compounds the emotional strain of an injury – especially if there are additional costs associated with living while injured.

Let’s not forget about the financial consequences either. These types of injuries can require extensive care and treatment by medical professionals, which is expensive. If you were injured in a sidewalk accident, your medical expenses could soar into the tens of thousands of dollars, and your lost income is just as important.

If you’ve been injured in a sidewalk accident or any type of trip and fall accident, you need to contact an experienced premises liability attorney immediately after the accident. Contact us today at 949-404-4826.

​​An Injured Party Can Recover Financial Compensation.

One of the most common aspects of a sidewalk accident is that negligence caused a serious injury. As such, an injured party can recover compensation from the negligent party for their injuries and any other damages associated with the accident.

You can seek compensation for the following damages:

Lost wages

If you missed work after a serious personal injury due to a slip, trip, and fall accident, you could seek compensation for the wages you lost. This includes future lost wages.

Medical bills

You can seek compensation for any medical bills resulting from the accident, including doctor visits, medications, medical tests, hospital stays – the list goes on.

Pain and suffering

When you are seriously injured in an accident, it is arguable that you experience a tremendous amount of physical and emotional pain. As such, you can seek compensation for your suffering from the negligent party.

Emotional distress

Emotional distress is the intangible aspect of a personal injury claim. When you suffer physical injuries, your emotional well-being might be seriously affected by that accident. You can seek compensation for the emotional distress caused by someone else’s negligence when it results in a serious injury to yourself or a family member. Sidewalk Accident Lawyer Near Me

To learn more about the type and amount of compensation you may be entitled to through a sidewalk accident lawsuit, contact our personal injury law firm. You can contact us at 949-404-4826, or click here to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.

Steps To Take After A Sidewalk Accident.

Sidewalk injury victims involved in a sidewalk accident should do the following:

Take Photos

It’s important to develop evidence at the scene. Document the accident scene any of your injuries. Continue to take photos of your injuries throughout the process.

Seek Medical Attention

Consult with a medical provider after any fall accident. You may have more severe injuries that you are aware of so get checked out to maintain your health.

Contact A Sidewalk Lawyer

Before you talk to anyone, especially the responsible party or their insurance company, consult with an attorney who can protect your rights.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about what steps to take after a sidewalk accident and injury, contact our law firm. We understand how these claims work and how to get you compensation for the harm you’ve suffered.

Is A Property Owner Liable For Sidewalk Accidents.

Every property owner, including the city or any other government entity, must ensure the property is properly maintained. This means the property owner must inspect the property for dangerous conditions. The property owner is responsible for fixing any dangerous conditions on the property, although there are some exceptions. When an owner of private property or public sidewalks fails to repair a dangerous condition on the property, they are responsible for injuries that occur.

What does this mean for a sidewalk accident case? If the property owner allowed an unsafe condition to continue and someone was injured, they could be held liable for damages from a personal injury lawsuit. Sidewalk Accident Lawyer Near Me

Consult With A Proven Sidewalk Accident Law Firm.

When you’ve been injured in a sidewalk accident, don’t try to handle it alone. The best thing to do for yourself is contact an experienced sidewalk injury law firm that handles sidewalk defects. Don’t be intimidated or overwhelmed during this troublesome time – our sidewalk injury law firm will empower you during your case and help ensure you get the compensation you need to take care of your medical expenses and get your life back on track.

Simply call 949-404-4826 or click here to schedule a free consultation. We will be glad to discuss your case and answer any questions you might have.

Consult With A Proven Truck Accident Law Firm.

While the presence of a commercial truck or bus makes any car accident more complicated, it also means there is a higher likelihood of damages. To prove negligence in a personal injury claim involving a commercial vehicle, you must show:

  • There was a duty owed; that is, the negligent party had an obligation to follow the rules of the road, just as you did.
  • That duty was breached; that is, the negligent party failed to follow the rules of the road.
  • The breach caused an accident.
  • You were injured due to the accident.

The injured party must prove each of the above four elements. However, having an experienced truck accident law firm on your side can help you prove these elements and maximize your potential for success. Contact us today to learn how we can help you following a commercial vehicle accident. We represent clients all over California, including Orange County, San Bernardino, Riverside, Anaheim and many others. Call 949-404-4826 today, or click here for a free case evaluation.